The launcher of Albion Online is available on the homepage as Albion download. Choose the right client and click, save, done. You then start the launcher and install the game as usual. There are a few updates after the first boot, which he pulls. You simply create an account in the meantime and then you’re ready to go.

In the launcher you can also make a few settings directly to the game. These include language, resolution, shadow on or off and whether you want to play in window or full screen mode. In addition, the graphics quality is selectable in three levels: low, normal, high. Furthermore, one has directly several links such as the wiki, forum or the pages on Facebook and Twitter.

game started

When you start Albion Online , every time a small movie starts. A dark forest, two people, a hunter and a warrior, running or stepping through. When the hunter stops, you realize that it’s a hunter holding a glowing tree. There it comes to the fight of the two unequal-seeming opponents. The music is reminiscent of dramatic church music like Illuminati or similar films. After the intro, it goes to the “Login” screen. It is advantageous here that the password can be stored. For all those who like me bad passwords can remember and change them exemplary for each application. If you have not created an account yet, you can do this by a direct link.

Then comes the hardest part of any MMO: character creation. Man or woman? Choose one of 6 different avatars. The choice is then rather limited. One selects skin and hair color as well as the optics of the hair. With the men, the type of beard is added or you remain naked in the face. Finally, choose a variety of underwear and its color. Be careful here, because that’s the only thing you wear at the beginning of the game. As one is used to from MMOs, there is, of course, a random choice of criteria for the undecided among you. So if you have decided or decided, you can give the created character the appropriate name. Of course, some of the classics are already used by other users, so at the end you’re content with the names you used in your first MMO (I had the Dark Age of Camelot and they were still randomly generated with some modifications on my part).

game content

First and foremost, Albion Online is about collecting raw materials and making items such as weapons, equipment and tools. And that’s where the Krux starts, because you should first decide what you would like to be. This choice is not limited, but each character can generally become anything he or she likes. Wizard, archer, warrior or healer? Be what you want. But do not choose it again. The progress in each area depends on different things. If you kill opponents, you will not rise in this game, but will receive resources. A character develops through the equipment and the weapons he wears. So if you are not able to make your own items, it will be very expensive. Sure, you can buy things from other players as well, but that would not be the whole point of the game.

There is a huge talent tree for the character that includes all these things. There you can also see directly what you have to do exactly to make a bow, for example, and how many points you have to reach by making the bows to be able to make better bows. The same “problem” you have with the wood. The base materials can not simply be arbitrarily farmed and produced. To do this, for example, for a T3 wooden plank (made of chestnuts) you first have to make a T2 wooden plank (made of birch) and combine it with two pieces of the collected chestnut wood. The wood itself can be cleared with the appropriate tool, but it is true that the higher the tool, the faster the degradation. So you have to put part of the material back in tools. That means a lot of walking around and collecting materials. I chose the archers and, in addition to wood for my bow and leather for my armor, I also had to search and develop ores for the tool. So there is a passion for collecting!

The talent tree

The above overview is a bit confusing at first, but if you look at it or you are looking for a nice guild that explains that to you, then it’s half as wild. A distinction is made here between master levels and master levels . That’s important to remember, because that’s a big difference. A mastery level always rises with the manufacture or use of objects. In these activities you get the so-called fame. Each level has a fixed amount of fame to achieve in order to unlock the next level and its conditions. In some areas, there is the master level in the overview on the right side. Once you have reached the appropriate mastery level and gained the appropriate fame, you unlock the bonus of the master level.

By performing activities in general, you unlock more items such as mounts, house building or other tools (the demolition hammer for the destruction of buildings and furniture in his house). In the Housing Zone you can, for example, create fields for vegetables and the like, breed animals or build workshops for the processing of raw materials. If you do not have your own island, you are dependent on the cities in which the guilds and individual players argue about the construction sites. You pay a fee there for the use of the workshops. So if a guild is particularly fast and well-developed by its members, it can sell high-end items or its use at a high price