I know you are all frustrated. You all want to play Albion Online right now like me and you want to know the exact “closed beta release date“. You want to plan ahead and take time off work or arrange real life shenanigans to play this game at launch :). Lucky you. You have me to inform, theorycraft and educate you as I learn through.

According to the Albion Online official website, closed beta release date was announced to be in late 2015. It is said that it will stay open for a couple of months. There was strong evidence that it would be on November 23rd, 2015. Why? Because previous tests for alpha servers started on a Monday and it is officially announced that it would be available in late November. They would probably announce the exact date of the closed beta when they have a clear picture of what features are going to be on beta.

As a result:

  • All the progress you have made on closed beta server will be wiped after the closed beta ends (as always :)).
  • Founder pack owners (Legendary,Veteran and Epic) would have direct access to the closed beta and open beta servers.
  • Closed beta would be open for at least a couple of months and it did not have a set ending date.
  • Open beta would be released right after closed beta ends. We can think like that; we (founders) would be able to play the game non-stop after the closed beta server opens.
  • Albion Online would be my main game with the release of closed beta. So closed beta release date would be my milestone in my gaming history. I would everything before Albion as BA (before Albion) :
  • As an avid player I was looking forward to joining the closed beta and test different pvp builds , gears and polish my pvp skills. Also the new upgradable islands was available on closed beta.

Official Release Date
Sandbox Interactive announced the release date as 23rd November for legendary founder pack owners. So my predictions were spot on :). Below is the information announced by Sandbox Interactive.

Albion Online closed beta servers will be opening in 3 stages to stagger the stress on the servers.

Legendary Founders : 23rd November
Epic Founders: 24th November
Veteran Founders: 25th November