First impressions of the game
The developers of the game have decided not to give labels to the characters, restricting them to certain roles. There is no class in Albion Online. Your character is you, and what you do with it! You are free to choose your destiny, your avatar and your race. We present the different options available on the game interface.

Download Albion Online
Cross-platform game if any, Albion Online stands out among others by the availability of customers on just about all available platforms (apart from Solaris, but who would blame the team, huh?). It is therefore possible to play whatever the machine, mobile or not, and even via browser.

Guilds vs Guilds
You can conquer the vast world of Albion for yourself! The territories shelter you from the dangers of the desert, and give you space to build villages and collect valuable resources. Get yours, then expand your empire and protect it from invaders!

Crafting and Trade

    Erecting larger cities and forging the deadliest weapons requires resources, in large quantities. Look far ahead for the rarest and most popular materials. But be on your guard – you will not be the only one to look for them!
    A player forges his own destiny! Whether it’s a set of powerful armor, magic wands, or strong tools … all items are made by you in our player-managed economy, so take a stand on the anvil, and go forge!
    There are many ways to transport goods across the vast world of Albion Online. So load your trusty mule and forward! Be careful though, a full cart is slow, and an easy target for thieves – be prepared to protect your cargo!
    Do you have more resources and objects than you know what to do with them? Or are you looking for a particular type of blade? Go to the nearest market place. Many merchants are waiting for you, and you are sure to find what you are looking for!

There are more than 50 diffrent buildings in Albion Online game. The player(s) can choose from a wide variety of buildings:

Simple and functional buildings, like a storage
Production buildings, such as a weaving workshop
Military buildings, for protection and security
Building a house is a team effort. Everyone can help others build their homes.

We want players to create industry and cities. Except for our starting area, the lands of Albion need to be explored and colonized by the players.

1- The stone house: Used to turn rough stones into blocks of stones. You can increase the capacity of your buildings … so they can have a bigger output!
2- The Arcane Shop is a tower, inhabited by some old magicians. You can buy all kinds of magic items from wizards. Every lord should have one of these on his territory!
3- TheForge: Weapons and armor are made here. Each building can take a limited amount of orders.There is therefore an advantage to own two forges instead of one.