MMORPGs are games where players from all around the world can interact and play with each other in the virtual game world. The player takes on the role of a character and in essence becomes that character.

Imagine being able to build, create and live in a world of your own making. Albion Online allows players to do just that. A fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPGs), Albion Online was created and developed by the company Sandbox Interactive.

Based in the Medieval times, Albion Online centres around a world where there are creatures, brave heroes, hard won battles, adventure, sacrifice and exploration. In a classless world where players drive the economy, the choices they make will dictate whether they will rise or fall, flourish or perish.

Some of the key features of the game are:

  • Player versus Player – the player can fight battles against other players or create allies and alliances to defeat the enemy.
  • Player Driven Economy – the player can work on farming their land to raise money for your guild’s war efforts or just make some money for yourself.
  • Players Build Homes – you can build and furnish a home of your own choosing. Certain items used to decorate the player’s home will give the characters’ bonus points or special abilities.
  • Custom characters – every player can completely customize their character using the Destiny Board and get a glimpse of what destiny holds for their character.
  • The game can be played across a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Android and Mac.

The game can be downloaded and played for free and players have the option to purchase a Premium status on the website or through the game. When someone has Premium status, they get a number of benefits such as progress bonuses, twenty learning points as well as ten thousand focus points received on a daily basis.

The currency used in the game is Gold which can be purchased with real money online or through the game. Currency in the game allows players trade for silver with other players, buy vanity items or purchase Premium Status.

Released on July 17 2017, the game has gained enormous popularity in the last two years with thousands of very positives reviews. One of the biggest draws of the game is escaping is the players ability to delve into a fantasy world and live a life full of adventure and exploration. Behind the walls of Albion Online lies a world full of opportunities, wealth and danger where player can create and craft their own stories and conquer their own world.

Albion Online is a medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive a German company, the game is still at the beta right now and currently has over than 250.000 active players which is amazing for a game that still at the beta and hasn’t been released yet.
the game has an amazing gameplay and wide range of resources to craft and gather you can call it the mastered version of Dota 2 game because it’s a lot similar in gameplay but Albion Online is more superior when it comes to strategies, exploring and building your nation from start up, here’s a video traile

Albion Online Resources

The fun thing about MMORPG games is the farming and gathering the requirement resources for an upgrade or crafting weapons, in Albion Online there’s whole a lot of resources to gather and craft weapons from, like gems you will be able to craft rare weapons and armor sets and they are only dropped from mobs, the other two main resources is Souls and Royals they are not important as gems, Royal Sigils are rewarded for completing quests and task and they can be turned in at the buildings near the quest givers for T4 royal armor, however they do not count toward leveling up fame for T4 armor, the happy news is that all this resources are available in our Albion Online Resources Hack you will have the option to select the number of Gems, Souls and Royals you want to send to your account you can access the tool below.

The Most Needed Albion Online

We all love crafting and surviving games to be honest these kind of experience makes me nervous and more focusing on the PC screen more than my wife and she’s absolutely jealous and i can’t blame her for that, so now i will introduce the list of Albion Online Hacks and Packs that has exclusively made on AlbionOnlineHacks.
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