Destiny board in Albion Online Game means a talent tree. You can see your overall progress in the game as a whole. Apart from other games , destiny board is a giant circular specialization tree rather than a linear one. You start

from the middle node and expand in each direction to master the specialization you want. Every node in the most outer border of the circle is the maximum point of specialization you can reach.

There are 5 different stages to advance in the destiny board as follow:

Adventure Branch
Farming Branch
Gathering Branch
Fighting Branch

1-) Adventure Branch
You gain the following perks when you reach each tier.

-Adventurer’s avatar
-Mount usable and craftable
-Accessories usable(bags and capes)
-Building buildable
-Demolition hammer usable

Every action you do in the Albion world gives you fame and advances you in this branch. For example if you cut down a tree you gain fame, when you kill someone in pvp you gain fame, when you craft something you gain fame etc. You do not have to work on this branch specifically, you will advance without any extra effort.